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 About Us_ 

"From the very beginning, our goal has always been to be the best at what we do...that's the bedrock of our success in the industry, as a leading provider of premier global investigative, surveillance and protection services."
- Thomas Sanon-Jules, CEO and President

TSJ Investigative Agency is a premier global private investigations, surveillance and protection agency with a 18-year successful track record. Our mission is to help you get the information you need, so you can make informed decisions concerning the protection of your person, family, property and or business. 


The trustworthy experienced professionals that comprise our Agency allow us to squarely focus on solving your information and or security challenges. This creates a nexus of synergy between you, our investigators, and the Agency, whereby value is provided to you, success to our investigators and profitability to our Agency.


Our global network of the best investigators in the industry, allows us to serve your needs in many areas of the world.


We never stop working for your interests!


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